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BBB Technology is an end-to-end data entry services provider. We address critical business functions and challenges through our deep domain expertise and capabilities of providing data entry services using our skilled data entry operators from Canada.

BBB Technology is a focused to provide accurate data entry outsourcing services. BBB Technology facilitates its clients to save huge cost on data entry services without losing confidentiality of data.

BBB Technology delivers high quality, secure and accurate data entry services. Our affordable data entry services reduce overall cost of back-office management. Outsourcing data entry to us allows our clients to focus on their core business activities. Data entry processes of BBB Technology helps to improves quality and accuracy of data entry.

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Data Entry Services of BBB Technology are as below:

  • Online Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Survey Data Entry
  • Claims Data Entry
  • Medical Claims Data Entry
  • Product Registration Form Data Entry
  • Resume Data Entry Services
  • Rebate Data Entry
  • Loan application Data Entry
  • Invoice data entry
  • Payables data entry
  • Claims Data Entry
  • Healthcare Insurance Claims Data Entry
  • Medical Data Entry
  • Mailing List Data Entry
  • Healthcare Claims Data Entry
  • Order Form Data Entry
  • Warranty Registration Data Entry
  • Customer Response Card Data Entry
  • Questionnaire Data Entry
  • Product Data Entry Services
  • Online Business Card Data Entry
  • Image Data Entry Services
  • Forms Data Entry Services
  • File and Document Data Entry
  • Manuscripts and Book Data Entry Services
  • Birth or Death Records Data Entry
  • Yellow Pages Data Entry Services

BBB Technology can do data entry from various input formats like XLS, MDB , TXT, weblink, scanned images, handwritten data, printed data, image files (TIFF, PDF, JPG, BMP), PDF and many more and produce output data into XLS, CSV, MDB, DOC, online database, Txt, Excel Spreadsheet, Word Document, Access Database or any Online Database and many more.

Quality of Data Entry at BBB Technology

BBB Technology is fastest recognized top names in quality of data entry because of its double data entry techniques and high standards of process of quality check. BBB Technology do manual checking after automated checking of data before dispatching it to client for their highest level of quality satisfaction.

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